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Countdown to the Meler Challenge!

Some people may think that the Meler Challenge is simply a bicycle race, but… they would be wrong. The Meler Challenge is a classic: a tradition.

Each year, this highly anticipated event gathers momentum, growing in both its popularity and the goal to be achieved. In the first edition, the route consisted of only approximately 30 kilometres, whereas in 2017, there are now 85 kilometres to be completed.

And why the bicycle?

Meler workers have always been very interested in cycling (perhaps because they are from the same country as the five-time champion Miguel Induráin).

The idea of a bicycle race and bringing Focke Meler workers together for a fun sporting event arose eleven years ago. The initiative became a good opportunity to share the effort, enjoyment and passion for sport as a team during a day out together. Colleagues who participate in it start their preparation months in advance and even organise joint training sessions.

During the race, riders are accompanied by various support vehicles to help with any situation that may arise. This year, the route will cover 85 kilometres, the distance between Pamplona and Artajona.

Countdown to the 2017 Meler Challenge

3 June has been chosen as the date of the 11th MELER CHALLENGE. On this occasion, apart from covering 85 kilometres, the cyclists must also tackle a gradient of 400 metres.

This day is celebrated with a great atmosphere and those who cannot or do not want to participate in the race head to the finishing line to encourage their colleagues, share a meal and enjoy the rest of the day together.

And the best thing about the Meler Challenge is that it always leaves everyone with a great feeling and looking forward to the next edition. It will soon be here again!

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