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Cantho: A melter for high-viscosity adhesives

The Cantho melter is here to stay in Meler’s family of special projects. It perfectly adapts to specific customer demands and is highly flexible in terms of applications. Its melting rate of up to 10 kilograms per hour means it can be used both in simple applications and highly demanding processes.cantho-fusor-02

“Perfect for melting high-viscosity adhesives”

It has great production capacity and versatility, and is perfect for melting different high-viscosity adhesives, including EVA and PUR, in block or granulate forms. Its 4000 cm3 tank can use 2 kg PUR blocks with or without inliner.

Easy to integrate

Just like the rest of the Meler range, the unit is very simple to use and maintain, and the fact that there are no blind corners in the design makes it easy to clean. Moreover, it can be easily integrated into any installation thanks to its small size and light weight of just 35 kg.


Cantho’s design is intended for flexible production and short handling times. Changing adhesives or changing colours can be done in a very short time with barely any cleaning work needed. Thanks to the easy-to-access interior, the unit requires less maintenance and fewer line stops.

It is perfect for applications in markets like Wood, Furniture and Graphic Arts.

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