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Bookbinding solutions for EVA and PUR adhesives applications

Meler bookbinding solutions for EVA and PUR adhesives applications on all types of perfect binder.

In the last few years, bookbinding had to face the new challenges of the digital era. In order to achieve the sophisticated designs that customers demand, traditional manufactures need to have the latest technology. They also had to introduce important changes in order to meet new legal requirements regarding paper or ink materials among others. These changes satisfy the demands of both, manufactures and consumers.

Meler´s cutting-edge technologies, personalized products and efficient after sales service, make it a reliable partner in this new exigent market.

We manufacture small binder solutionswith a range ofmelting units compatible with all entry level perfect binder main makes: Horizon, Duplo, Buffalo and CP Bourg.

Meler has also mid range binder solutions with a variety of drum unloaders and non stop melting units compatible with all kind of binders: Muller Martini (Panda, Tigra, Pantera, Star andAcoro binders). Wohlenberg(City, Master and Champion binders) and Kolbus(KM470, KM472, KM473 and KM600binders).

Both products are also compatible with other makes so do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

For our most exigent customers Meler has high speed binder solutions compatible as well with all makes due to the large capacity of the “200Kg PS200 drum unloader”.

Our company, place at your disposal an extensive range of melting units from 2 to 200 Kg capacity. The gear pump technology supplies a consistent adhesive flow rate and a constant hose pressure. Moreover, both our dynamic and user-friendlyPC Star Pattern programmer and interchangeable Mounting Trolleys, allow you to adapt the melting units to your specific needs and requirements.

Finally, our coating head nozzle is a very accurate adhesive applicator that requires low maintenance due to its minimal moving parts and it does not waste glue because of its simple cleaning procedure.

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