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ARION INFINITY: specialised hoses for adhesive care

ARION INFINITY For infinite perfection

ARION INFINITY is a high-tech solution that is designed to perfect the distribution and application of adhesives in the most demanding of production lines. This solution from Arion by Meler will help to maximise the protection of your adhesives and boost your production.

Arion Infinity, perfection that seems like magic.

Solutions designed to ensure the maximum protection of adhesives, as well as their increased performance and efficiency. We offer a solution that allows you to optimise what’s really important: your business. This solution boosts your productivity, reduces maintenance, produces less waste and maintains the adhesive in perfect condition.

Arion Infinity marks a turning point in the hot melt and heated hose sector, we’ll tell you why:

Advanced technology for the transportation and protection of adhesives.

Here at Meler we are committed to innovation and development. Thanks to our great team of experts we have managed to develop a new technology that is sure to make a difference. A change that comes in pursuit of perfection, which will look after both your business and the surrounding environment, while striving for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Maximum adhesive protection
Adhesive perfection. If we were asked to define Arion Infinity with a single phrase, without a doubt it would be “Protects the adhesive”. Its innovative technology ensures that the adhesive remains intact during transportation, preventing its deterioration, reducing the clogging of nozzles, and improving the quality of the final product.

Stability and performance in your productive processes
In developing this new hose we were looking to achieve more efficient and safe production processes, but how did we manage that?

The essential factors are time and stability: factors that favour and improve productivity.

Arion Infinity means saving time, as it offers a drastic reduction both in maintenance and in line downtime. It ensures continuous and stable production processes, allowing you to boost your business’ performance and efficiency, and guarantee the safety of your operators and your production.

A technology for the perfection in any market

Arion Infinity offers a whole new world of possibilities for technically demanding applications and emerging markets in which the demands are very high. For example, they offer a great performance in applications that require low adhesive consumption, but which have advanced technical requirements, or when using complex adhesives on wood and in assembly.

Arion Infinity, perfection that seems like magic.

Something magical that only happens inside our hoses. Something magical called innovation and development. Arion is the only specialist market brand offering solutions for the distribution and transportation of hot melt and liquid adhesives.

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