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A customised project: the cold glue application head

At Focke Meler we meet our customers’ needs and adapt our designs to fit them. To give you an example, we would like to tell you about a solution that we designed for one of our customers, mainly engaged in the production of insulation panels in the construction industry. The difficulty that we faced was that we needed to develop an application that was capable of affixing the layers that make up those panels in a way that was completely accurate, effective and cost-effective way.

What is Focke Meler’s multi-module cold glue application head like?

The cold glue application head has compatible modules that are arranged linearly, all of which can be individually adjusted for grammage control.

Furthermore, it has pilot-operated electrovalves that allow the customer to adjust the application width, a feed air distributor for the electrovalves and another for the modules’ air outlet. They ensure that the Meler cold glue application head offers maximum precision for the application of dots and beads without touching the surface or substrate.


A water dispensing system allows the modules that are currently inactive or are not going to be used for the application to remain submerged. This prevents the cold glue from drying when it comes into contact with air and, therefore, blocking the modules.

The Meler cold glue application head has four inlets for adhesive and a cut-off valve for the water, making it easy to clean. It also has an adhesive tank that is supplied from a higher-capacity tank.

What does the Focke Meler cold glue application head offer?

  • Highly accurate application with an even distribution: thanks to its large distribution channel, the pressure is applied evenly along the entire applicator, meaning that the same amount of adhesive is always used in each dot.
  • Flexible application, as it can be adjusted according to the number of beads by activating or deactivating the modules through the electrovalves. Similarly, the modules enable individual grammage adjustment. All of which means that this product can be adapted to the needs of the user.
  • Simultaneous application of hot-melt glue to hold the two pieces together while the product is being handled and the cold glue is in the drying period.
  • The intermediate adhesive tank, located between the head and the higher-capacity tank, has a level detector.

The cold glue application head is mainly designed for applications in the furniture industry and the construction sector.

Focke Meler’s experience and commitment to innovation and its ability to overcome new challenges to meet the specific needs of each customer, mean that the multi-module head is a highly accurate device for the application of dots and beads, offering the highest quality and efficiency.

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