Every drop counts…

…to calculate adhesive consumption

…to improve application quality

…to optimise production costs

Production advantages

Stock control

Records the total adhesive consumption, which helps you to know when the next order is necessary, thereby optimising stock management.

Greater reliability in processes

Lets you know the quantity of adhesive being applied and reports an alarm if the weight falls outside the set target.

Cost analysis

Provides the necessary adhesive-consumption information to perform a cost analysis reduction.

Operation and services

The Micron+ Flowmeter system is a high-quality solution for monitoring hot melt consumption, using Micron+ pistons as a reference.

Its interface is integrated into an easy-use, intuitive Micron+ touchscreen (7”).

Micron+ Flowmeter is optional in the Micron+ range and is compatible with any of the customer’s piston units via a retrofitting Kit.

Recording and monitoring

The data on adhesive consumed during a determined period (day, week, month, work shift, etc.,) are converted into valuable information for stock management, facilitating forecasts and enabling the automation of supplies.

  • Adhesive-consumption recording and monitoring: Total adhesive consumption (kg) / Consumption by product (g/pr)/by time (g/h) / Accumulated consumption by product (g/pr) /Number of items processed
  • 5 product configurations with customisable names
  • Interface integrated into easy-use, intuitive Micron+ touchscreen (7”)
  • Permits stock planning

Greater reliability in processes

Applied-adhesive weight monitoring:

  • Optimum consumption guaranteed
  • Preset to set target consumption
  • Configuration of control alarms according to tolerances set

Data monitoring facilitates preventive maintenance of system components through:

  • Detection of consumption deviations
  • Work-cycle information (piston)
  • Consumption-data recording

The importance of data

360º data analysis: the data can be exploited for each of the company’s departments to optimise production.

Technical features

The perfect fit for Micron+

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Expand technical features

Measurement accuracy                        

± 5 %

Measurement range                        

From 15 g/h to 65.5 kg/h
Exploitation of consumption dataHMI screen

Datalogger (.csv)

Industrial communication protocols: Modbus RTU, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet-IP

IoT platform (WIFI)

Sale options

New Micron+ / Optional within the range

Micron+ in field / Retrofitting kit

Micron + Flowmeter screens

Do you want to apply these PRODUCTION ADVANTAGES to your production line?

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