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Focke Meler is still here, ready for when this is all over

The COVID19 crisis has been an unexpected blow to the world economy. Fortunately, the end of confinement and the gradual return to normalcy are already in sight. Meanwhile, what have we learned at Focke Meler?

We have learned that we can still offer our service to the essential sectors in the best conditions, that we are able to keep producing and that our products continue to reach the other side of the planet. During this mandatory break period, we have also learned that meeting rooms are not needed to further develop new adhesive application solutions. Our customer service is still fully operational and we will soon be launching new products on the market. The work has moved to homes and innovation now travels in a telematic way.

We have learned, and we want to share with all of you, that Meler’s know-how is still here, ready for when this is all over.

Thank you for trusting us and I’ll see you on the street soon!

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