Swirl solutions

With greater stability between adhesive and air temperatures.


Less energy consumption

The stability of temperatures obtained while the adhesive is being heated provides greater energy efficiency.


Temperature control

Temperature is controlled electronically from the melter unit through the wiring inside the connection hose, and is read reading using a type Ni120, Pt100 or NTC (R) RTD sensor.

Easy maintenance

The internal parts are conveniently accessed from the side by removing the small closing plates, making them easy to maintain and repair.

Simplicity of components

All the applicators are made using the same components.
Moreover, they have standard electrical connections to ensure greater compatibility.

The built-in filter is easy to maintain, guaranteeing adhesive quality.

Technical characteristics

Built-in filter available for all models.
Anti-moisture version also available.

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ECA/ECAI AC applicator



ECA CI applicator | 1 Module



ECA/ECAI CI applicator | Multimodule



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Max. operating temperatureup to 230 ºC (446 ºF)
Heating powerdepending on the configuration used
Max. hydraulic pressure90 bar (1.305 psi)
Max. pneumatic pressure6 bar; dry, clean and non-lubricated
Operating speed (*)up to 4.800 cycles/min
Temperature controlRTD ±0.5ºC (±1°F) (Ni120 or Pt100)
Power suppy voltage230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (from the melter unit)
Solenoid valve voltage24 VDC

(*) Depends on the type of adhesive.

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Are you interested in this product?

Are you interested in this product?

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